WHITE JASMINE - Day Hydrating Serum 50ml
A non-oily pre-moisturiser with 100% pure precious Jasmine oil to gently lighten, brighten & illuminate skin. Concentrated Olive extracts, Jasmine & natural vitamins help improve overall skin tone, while Licorice, Green Tea, Watercress & Bearberry help inhibit formation of skin...
NEEM & TEA TREE -  Overnight Treatment Masque 100g
A fast-acting gel for spot treatment of imperfections. Naturally healing Arnica, Tea Tree & Ceylon Margosa combine to help cool & soothe skin, calming acne & breakouts, without drying the skin. Watercress & Licorise promote skin clarity. Aloe Vera &...
PEACE - Hand & Body Lotion 250ml
A light moisturiser with a blend of herbs & essential oils to promote peace & harmony. Organic Lemongrass helps calm & balance the senses, promoting inner peace. Soothing Lavender gently relaxes, while precious Spiked Lavender helps restore tranquility. Pure Peppermint...
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CARDAMOM ROSE - Bath & Shower Gel 250ml
Paraben Free Paraffin Free Silicone Free Not tested on animals 100% Vegetarian Promotes sustainable harvesting Supports community fair trade
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